ABOUT Teaser |

TEASER, a gorgeous new tea brand from China. We create tea well with heart.  
Constantly exploration for premium new tea flavor and  unique brews is always  our goal.
We guarantee, every indivdual order for you, is highly qualified and fullfied with freshness.  
Chasing for your satisfication, we are now introducing the mix of "fruit tea and soft European bread" to the Australian market. 
From the humble beginnings in Melboure, we hope to bring the concept of new tea into this multicultural city.  
TEASER is an inheritor of Chinese tradition,
but also a rule breaker who is becoming a new tea drink brand and cultural communicator in the Australia and New Zealand region. 

Brand Introduction |

Product concept |

TEASER is an artist who specializes in exploring tasty tea.
We do more than bubble tea.
For you, unique, natural and freshly brewed tea with a refreshing taste are provided in TEASER. 
Inspired by the spirit of coffee in Melbourne,we are spreading the harmony by creating Chinese new tea.

Inheritance and innovation |

In 2017, the TEASER team returned to China and traveled through cities to find the best quality tea.
We force to present the world's best tea from China, and let the traditional tea culture shine.
While inheriting the traditional tea culture, TEASER also pays great attention to make innovation by creating independent products.